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June 21, 2006
Ballplayers Taking More Naps
There is no scientific way to chart this, but there's a general sense in baseball that the boys of summer have rediscovered the joys of slumber.

Last call at the hotel bar is passing more often without reveling ballplayers around to see it. Naps are back in vogue, and not just for those pushing 40."I think maybe players are getting more sleep than at any period in the history of the game," Tigers Coach Andy Van Slyke says with a knowing grin. "I think guys are getting more mattress time."

Why is this? Credit the first year of random testing for amphetamines, which most players say have been a part of the game for a much longer time and to a much larger extent than steroids. "It's just keeping guys in more," Cubs reliever Ryan Dempster says. "Guys don't go out as much as they might have. There's nothing to help them get up (the next day)."

Under pressure from Congress, Major League Baseball and the players' union agreed last winter to crack down on a performance aid that too many had relied on for too long.
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Days of Slumber for the Boys of Summer?
Category: SPORTS
By: Pete Kendall, June 23, 2006
Eventually, more developed expressions of the long rise will unravel. In addition to the attendance shrinkage that EWT initially called for in 1993, the bear market should produce a retracement in every other aspect of these endeavors. The number of teams, leagues and viewers, the level of salaries and even the physical attributes of players should shrink substantially over the next few years.
The Elliott Wave Theorist, April 2001

It’s not always possible to say exactly how the bear market will catch on, but as it starts to bend cultural events the direction of its will, you can sometimes recognize its influence immediately. The increase in nap time among pro ballplayers strikes us a very appropriate early effect of baseball’s next leg of down. It foreshadows the fan disinterest that will undoubtedly reign by the end of the bear market. It also strikes a stark contrast with the speed and bone jarring excitement of roller derby, a bear market sport if ever there was one. For the scoop on the “rowdy, raucous” spectacle that is now awakening from obscurity see the entry from earlier today.

One of revealing aspect of the story at left is how common the use of “greenies” was and how freely sources seemed to offer insights into the level of amphetamine use over the course of the just completed bull market.  One long-time player/coach said it goes back to the 1950s, which was the middle of Cycle III. “I don't know what a steroid is ... (but) I've seen greenies,’ Devil Rays Special Assistant Don Zimmer says. ‘I've seen what they called 'red juice.' I thought it was cough syrup. I swear I did. That was 50 years ago.”

As we’ve said before with respect to various different bear market revelations, the story can now be told because it’s bear market. The article reveals that baseball insiders even had their own language for dealing with amphetamine consumption. Coffee pots were labeled “leaded” for amphetamine filled and “unleaded” for regular coffee. Using greenies is called going "in the jar." Using a high quantity of them is going "deep in the jar." And playing without the use of amphetamines is "playing naked." If a player really overdid it and suffered negative consequences, it’s  called "overlaunching." The reason we finding out so much about this secret subculture is that baseball itself is overlaunching --  into a bear market, which means it’s time to take the “speed” out of the game.

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