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Roller Girls Make $$!!
Natily Blair came to New York City to be an actress. She became a roller girl instead.  Blair is captain of the Bronx Gridlock, one of four teams in the Gotham Girls Roller Derby league. She skates as ``Ginger Snap,'' a name inspired by her crunching hits and her red hair.
``It's totally addictive,'' says Blair. It's the revival of a sport from the 1930s that peaked in the '70s. 

In its latest incarnation, roller derby combines sport, punk rock and S&M burlesque. `You can't have thin skin,'' says Mishel Cobb, 30, captain of the Philthy Britches, one of four teams in the Philly Roller Girls, a Philadelphia league. Her head shaved and her arms tattooed, she skates as ``Violet Temper.''  The Philly Roller Girls have suffered three broken ankles and numerous tail bone injuries. There have been too many broken wrists to count, Cobb says.
``We're no sorority,'' says Heather ``Zombie Licious'' Fischer, another Philly skater. ``It's really dangerous.''
Bloomberg, May 9, 2006

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UPDATE: Bear Market Entertainment at its Best (Worst)
Category: SPORTS
By: Pete Kendall, May 9, 2006

Look for roller derby to eat into the fan base of bull market sports like baseball and basketball.
Sociotimes, May 3, 2006 (
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Here’s follow up on the roller derby, and its bear market attributes. As we said last week, everything from the nicknames to the bruising nature of the competition to the complete dominance of female participants points to a bright future for the sport. One of the articles quoted here last week mentioned that New York City was one of the sport's new strongholds. On Saturday, the derby returned to the Big Apple, and it was a huge success. Says Bloomberg, "The new format is working: The Gotham Girls sold out this year's first 'bout' on May 6 at the 1,000-seat Schwartz Athletic Center at Long Island University. Tickets started at $12.50."  
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I am plannning a radio show and update focusing on how popular culture affects the markets,I will keep you posted on my progress.
Posted by: Dennis Elam PhD
May 9, 2006 03:11 PM

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