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August 21, 2007
Attorneys General Urge Crackdown on Energy Drinks
Attorneys general from 28 states want federal regulators to crack down on the makers of energy drinks containing alcohol and caffeine.

The prosecutors, in [a filing] to the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, accuse the companies of misleading advertising for a product that can pose serious health and safety risks.

The attorneys general from the states, plus Guam and the District of Columbia, warn the ads target young people who buy energy drinks without alcohol.

The attorneys general have also asked for a federal investigation into the makeup of alcoholic energy drinks and other flavored malt beverages to determine whether they are properly classified under federal law.
Associated Press


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Bear Markets Go Better With Crackdown On Energy Drinks
Category: CAFFEINE
By: Pete Kendall, August 23, 2007
How long can it be before we hear: “Bartender, give me an energy drink, but hold the energy?” Not long, we bet.
The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, August 2006

energy drinksThe government is getting serious again about helping to protect the populace, another sign of the shift in social mood.

As The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast first pointed out with a comprehensive study of  Coca-Cola's waxing and waning popularity in December, 1999 (see Additional References to our entry of July 15, 2005),
every advance has its bull market beverage. Through most of the last century, Coke was, in fact, it. Others were popular, too, but Coke always seemed to get the biggest  of the bull market beverage boost. Through the last great push, however, Coke's not “it” anymore. In a phenomenon that is very consistent with the extremity of the social mood high, the “it” drink are loaded with much levels of caffiene and go by names like “Extreme Energy Shot” and “Ultra Jolt.” As EWFF noted in August, 2006 (see Additional References below), the most recent twist, and object of government attack, is the addition of alcohol to energy drinks. As EWFF noted last eyar, this is the perfect cocktail for toasting the transition from long-term advance to decline.

One Bangor Daily News editorial (“Don’t Drink to That,” August 23, 2007) notes that beer-based energy drinks such as Sparks and Sparks Plus, Bud Extra and Liquid Charge are marketed through campaigns that suggest the drinks can increase stamina and give the drinker added energy.” They are marketed under slogans such as, “Say hello to an endless night of fun,” “A little extra will help to keep you going after a long day on the slopes" and “You can sleep when you’re 30.” In the last moments of the bull market, people did whatever it took to keep the party going. Who knows maybe energy drinks helped push things a little higher for longer than we thought possible, but now the party is ending. As people finally start to sober up, leave it to government to hit the scene and do what it always does at the end of an uptrend; make absolutely sure, nobody is having a good time.

Additional References
EWFF, August 2006
Get A Kick from Ultra Jolt
Energy drinks are another bull market beverage that is suddenly under fire. “Energy Drinks Are Fueling Concern,” says the June 19 issue of The New York Times. Energy drinks complemented the bull market peak perfectly. They first hit the market at the 1987 high, when Jolt Cola and Red Bull were introduced. At the end of the greatest top-building process in stock market history, drinks with even more bullish sounding names— such as Extreme Energy Shot, EndoRush and Ultra-Jolt—and four times the caffeine of a traditional bull market beverage, Coca-Cola, comprise the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry.

Now, check out the latest twist, which literally cans the cross-currents of an expiring bull and a revitalized bear:
Energy Drinks Add Another Kick–Alcohol Energy
—The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 11, 2006

It picks you up and slows you down at the same time, the perfect cocktail for celebrating the all-time peak in the Value Line and the initiation of a third wave decline in the S&P. In a collective toast to the greatest top of all time, people everywhere are knocking back Tilt, Sparks and Liquid Charge. How long can it be before we hear: “Bartender, give me an energy drink, but hold the energy?” Not long, we bet.

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How about other energy drink names like: Redline, Bawls, Jolt.
Posted by: leo
August 23, 2007 02:37 PM

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